BRAVO IPO is a procurement specialist with over 15 years combined knowledge and experience specialising in procurement,global supply,sourcing and logistical service to the inernational Telecom industry.

We work with clients on end-to-end concept-to-production product design projects as well as providing Bravo consulting services to remove roadblocks on specific issues. With our depth of experience and process-driven approach, we help our clients go to market faster with innovative solutions, maximizing opportunity and enabling our clients to win.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) is key to a winning strategy.  Many companies have decided to source in Asia and China but find the social, cultural, and legal context very different and have encountered many obstacles managing their supply chain.

Bravo IPO work as a distributor in joint work with large Chinese factories of the FTTH & Telecom parts. As Asia buying office,we manages the calls for tenders to its customers and realizes the sourcing, build the offer through its partner manufacturer panel,manage the project from beginning to end. Sourcing, commercial and technical offer, Performs quality control online and before departure, manages the logistics and transport in DDP client. Offers a service of supply on different site of the customer thanks to its partners.

Bravo is your interface and facilitates for the customer its operation of purchase with an optimal report quality price.