Quality Statement

Bravo IPO strives to provide products with compelling social, environmental, and economic benefit and aspires to be a global enterprise that brings life-changing opportunities to its customers and employees. Bravo is committed to providing our customers the highest quality products and services by:

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • Timely and cost effective delivery of products and services.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems.
  • Proper personnel training to better serve our customers.
  • Promote continuous professional development of our employees.

Accelerated margin/cost improvement

Skilled and effective sourcing team in-region

Reliable supplier relationships

Risk Mitigation

Quality management

  • Intellectual property
  • Government regulation
  • Local knowledge/culture
  • International logistics
  • Technical resources to support supplier qualification
  • Site Survey – vendor due diligence
  • First article Inspection
  • Source inspection 
  • Process development, qualification, PVT
  • Continuation support and monitoring
  • Yield improvement
  • Real-time corrective action